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The Vulvodynia Guideline - Summary of Guideline

Article on Enoxaparin:  Farajun, Y., Zarfati, D., Abramov, L., Livoff, A., & Bornstein, J. (2012). Enoxaparin treatment for vulvodynia: a randomized controlled trial. Obstetrics And Gynecology, 120(3), 565-572. doi:10.1097/AOG.0b013e3182657de6
And the article can be found for PDF download at: Link to site with PDF of Enoxaparin Study

Article on Two Year Pain Reduction: Davis, Seth N P, et al. "Women With Provoked Vestibulodynia Experience Clinically Significant Reductions In Pain Regardless Of Treatment: Results From A 2-Year Follow-Up Study." The Journal Of Sexual Medicine (2013): MEDLINE with Full Text. Web. 22 Nov. 2013.

Found at: Link to Two Year Pain Study

Article looking at whether or not depression or anxiety can cause vulvodynia or arise after being diagnosed with vulvodynia:  The Influence of Depression and Anxiety on Risk of Adult Onset Vulvodynia by Maheruh Khandker, Sonya S. Brady, Allison F. Vitonis, Richard F. MacLehose, Elizabeth G. Stewart, and Bernard L. Harlow

Found at : Khandker, M., Brady, S. S., Vitonis, A. F., MacLehose, R. F., Stewart, E. G., & Harlow, B. L. (2011). The influence of depression and anxiety on risk of adult onset vulvodynia. Journal Of Women's Health, 20(10), 1445-1451. doi:10.1089/jwh.2010.2661

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  1. Thank you for your website and others like it. I've been suffering on and off for a few years now and a month ago my symptoms elevated to the extreme in terms of pain. I saw my gyno twice and he finally suggested I see a specialist. It was only through the internet and sites like yours that I learned about the pain disorders such as vulvodynia and all the different things women try to find pain relief. It took so long to get my lab results each time that I decided to try some of the things other women tried. First I stopped using all the OTC and prescription creams I was using to get pain relief which I learned were only making things worse. Next I learned to go panty free at night which I never knew. But what I believe took away my pain was this diet I put myself on - basically the low-oxalate diet plus no carbs such as sugar, grains, flour, etc plus the calcium citrate pills and lastly, a clove of garlic at night with a little plain tuna, so it doesn't hurt my stomach. I went from a diet with a lot of green juicing, mountains of berries, salads, no dairy and frozen diet meals plus chocolate and sugary snacks - cookies, candy and cakes to literally just meat/chicken, yogurts (3 a day), string cheese, my garlic clove and eggs. Within a week I was pain free and I mean my pain was so intense I was so depressed, could not work or sleep and getting to feel suicidal (not really of course, but I could not imagine living like this forever). Slowly I have added back a few foods allowed on the diet like iceberg, green apples, green peas and avocado. I had a little turkey meatloaf with a minimal amount of grains and I feel still okay. But I am so terrified the pain will return and I have no idea what helped. As the pain is gone, it's easy to think it was all in my head or that the diet did not make it go away. I never got formally diagnosed, so I don't know what caused the pain. But at least for today, I am pain free thanks to sites like yours. Samantha