Thursday, 31 October 2013

Third visit with Physio!

                First off, Happy Halloween! What a way to start mine off, with an 8:00am physiotherapist appointment! Oooooh scary.

                But actually! It wasn’t too bad today. We got started on the fascial tissue massage on my thighs, and at first it was uncomfortable, but I did some deep breathing and really forced myself to relax, and to my surprise, I started to feel a sensation in certain parts where she was massaging, like a string being pulled at each end and then slacking. I suppose that would be the tension being released! It was an odd feeling, not a pleasant feeling, but definitely not painful or uncomfortable.

                After my thighs she started to massage my buttocks (might be surprising for some, but I’m pretty used to random people seeing all my lower bits and pieces at this point). This was surprisingly not as uncomfortable as the leg massages and I feel like, I actually felt some of the tension release in my frontal-lower abdomen!

                Finally she massaged one of my calves, which was pretty uncomfortable, and so she ended our appointment there. She then dropped a somewhat scary (yay for Halloween) bomb on me, by saying that in two weeks she’d be trying some eletro-biofeedback stimulation. I immediately tensed up, knowing that usually EEG biofeedback is usually done with a probe inserted into the vagina, holy moly no thank you. She quickly said that some physio’s use a probe, but she does not, she uses an exterior patch and it’s non-invasive – phew! Not so scary after all, but still a little nervous to see what that’ll be like, my first experience with EEG biofeedback, I’ll be excited to write all that up for you guys! ;)

                Edit: for a couple hours after the appointment, I noticed a tingling around my vulva and deep inside I believe where my pelvis is, and also in my lower right abdomen. Not uncomfortable or painful, but tingling.

                Today’s total: $40.00
                Grand Physiotherapy total: $170.00


  1. What a great description of how it feels to deal with those trigger points - - feeling like a string is being tugged and then released... that's it exactly! I do some myself now, and that's a lot like how it feels to stretch the scar tissue, except the string is more like a really sharp string.

    1. I'm glad I'm feeling what I'm supposed too! How do you find the massage? Does it help with your scar tissue? I haven't noticed any difference, but when I was hooked up to biofeedback, there was a huge difference in my muscle relaxation and control after the massage compared to before!