Thursday, 21 November 2013

Update on Diet and Biofeedback

I really don't have too much to update on! Slightly disappointed in some ways that I haven't experienced any extra pain or discomfort since I've been "cheating" on my low oxalate diet, so I believe I'm going to return permanently to my normal diet and scrap the low oxalate as it doesn't seem to provide any added relief.

Oh well, going to have to drink tea again, and start back up on eating chocolate.... darn.

On another note, had my weekly physio appointment, and I learnt that last week I was definitely not flexing the right muscles! I was flexing my butt muscles more than anything, this time I figured out (sort of kind of) the muscles I'm supposed to be tensing and relaxing during biofeedback. I still have little knowledge of where they are and how they feel, but after the biofeedback I managed to successfully tense AND relax my pelvic floor. Yay progress!

Another other side note, my younger sister was diagnosed this week with primary PVD as well, which brings about questions of genetics and such. She was diagnosed and accepted into a research program, so I'm excited to see how her treatment works out for her.

But why don't researchers come flocking to me, her, us to use us as case studies!!! Gaaah.

Stay tuned.

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