Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ups and Downs - The Rollercoaster Ride we call Emotions

                I’ve been having a couple of down days, not for any reason in particular. I’m not experiencing any extra pain, or even any severe pain. Yet, I’ve been feeling sad.

                Every individual person has a lot of things to complain about life, even me (and believe me, I complain a lot). Whether it’s about a job, a person, an event….

                But you know what, for everything we complain about, we could think of something we’re thankful for too!

                It can be hard to see when you’re feeling low, but it only takes one good moment or good deed to show me the amazing things in life.

                I know Thanksgiving has long since passed (in Canada it has anyways) but here’s a list of things I sometimes take for granted, but absolutely love and am thankful for every day, even if I don’t show it all the time!

                My boyfriend, my job (I know I’ve never spoken of my job before, but trust me, it’s amazing… maybe I’ll talk about it in a future post), the various other people in my life that support me like friends, coworkers, family, etc., I’m thankful my dad lets me live in his house rent free while I go to school, my car (I do love my car Goldilocks), annnnd tea (which I’m drinking again by the way if you haven’t read my low oxalate diet post yet)!

                I know there are more things than just that, but this is just a quick post to get it all off my chest. I was in a quick session at work, and it just went so well, and one of the women I work with/for said some very supportive and great things that pulled me out of my nasty blues. I’m ready to conquer the rest of my day and hopefully week too!
                Brighten someone’s day today!

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